Centru testare autorizat UNTOLD Festival

UNTOLD Festival

We want everyone at the festival to be safe, so access to the festival will be granted with 2 wristbands: your regular festival wristband which you obtained transforming your ticket, and the epidemiological triage wristband. The triage wristband lets our staff and the authorities know that you own a valid medical certificate which confirms you are not infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Visit our test center before the festival:

  1. COMPLET MEDICAL CLUJ NEAR AIRPORT - Strada Traian Vuia nr. 214, Cluj-Napoca 400397 04:00 - 21:30
  2. COMPLET MEDICAL UNTOLD TEST CENTER - Splaiul Independenței No.6 (Sala Sporturilor) - 12.00 - 04.00
UNTOLD Complet Medical

How to get the triage wristband:
1. By submitting the EU COVID-19 DIGITAL CERTIFICATE (GREEN PASS), containing:

  • proof of full COVID-19 vaccination, if 10 days have elapsed since the completion of the vaccination scheme with a recognized / authorized vaccine in Romania.
  • proof of being in the period between the 15th and 180th day following the infection confirmation with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
  • proof of a negative result of an RT-PCR test, not older than 72 hours.

2. By taking a rapid antigen test with a negative result, no older than 48 hours. This test can only be taken in UNTOLD authorized medical centers. You’ll get a wristband attesting the veracity of the test, the negative result and its validity period.
Where to get tested:
If you’re not vaccinated, we recommend you get tested with one of our accredited medical suppliers because they’ll be able to give you the triage wristband immediately after the test, if the result is negative.